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Beautiful leaves

The palm for Europe!

Tranchycarpus wagnerianus blurred

Trachycarpus wagnerianus, the minature Chusan Palm

The Trachycarpus wagnerianus (common name: Miniature Chusan Palm) is without doubt the best palm for your garden. Superior in every way to Trachycarpus fortunei we believe this recent introduction from the far east will become the most popular palm tree for European gardens! Our reasons for thinking this :
  • Very tolerant to extreme cold in combination with humidity
  • Small and stiff leaves, more suitable for small gardens
  • Due to the shape (bonsai like) an enormous customer appeal
  • In my experience no problems keeping this palm potted in winter close to a wall
  • Great tolerance of wind, the major enemy of T. fortunei
  • The smaller, rounded and stiffer leaf cluster is less susceptible to wind damage
  • The perfect choice for coastal situations
  • Excellent root system and very tolerant of transplantation
  • The plant has a beautful, exceptionally architectural appearance. Even when small it is striking and even bonsai-like in appearance.
  • Similar in cultural requirements to Trachycarpus fortunei.

Trachycarpus wagnerianus photos

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Trachcyarpus wagnerianus stam 30-40 overview 1.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus big.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus close up 1.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus overview.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus stam 20-30 overview.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus stam 20-30 overview1 stam 20-30.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus stam 30-40 overview.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus variegata.JPGTrachycarpus wagnerianus_frost.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_frost2.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_garden.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_00c.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_00d.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_00e.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_00g.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_1845.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_WP_2083.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_z1.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_z2.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_z3.jpgTrachycarpus wagnerianus_z4.jpg